Popp Z-Wave Palovaroitin 10 vuoden paristolla ja sireenillä

Popp Z-Wave Palovaroitin 10 vuoden paristolla ja sireenillä


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Popp 10-Year Smoke Sensor with Indoor Siren sets new safety standards in your home.

There are a lot of potential fire sources in your own four walls, for example open fire such as candles or a fireplace. Also an iron, cooking utensils or numerous other electrical device can cause fire. Smoke detectors can save lives! In case of a fire or smoke emission every second counts giving the chance to extinguish the fire or to get somebody or yourself out of harm’s way. The Z-Wave smoke detector detects resulting fire and smoke emission reliable.

Thanks to Z-Wave wireless technology you can define further actions triggered by the smart home control center in case of an alarm. To enhance safety, escape routes can be secured with automated lighting and unlocking or locking of shutters and doors. Z-Wave smart home buys time for you to get somebody or yourself out of harm’s way.

All Z-Wave Smoke detectors in the market comply to the EN14064 standard. But most European Countries have defined much higher requirements for their local markets. One of the most important of these enhanced specifications is the so-called Q label common in Germany. The most visual and not only enhanced requirement is the battery life of 10+1 years that extends the total lifetime of the detector. The Popp smoke sensor is the first wireless smoke detector based on Z-Wave with a smoke detector head that complies to this most recent quality label.

Additional functionality of this new high end smoke detector includes periodic automated self test, dust compensation and special functions for sleeping rooms (no blinking) and easiness of use (large button for testing to be operated by a simple broom stick).

Furthermore the device can be used also as an independent indoor siren within the Z-Wave network. Connected to different sensors via control center it will alarm in case of detected flood or burglary additionally to smoke or fire alarm. Yon don’t need to install another stand-alone siren.


  • World’s first 10-year smoke detector with Z-Wave wireless technology (Q label for smoke detector head)
  • Photoelectric smoke sensor
  • Alarm with 85dB/3m
  • Fix installed 10+1 years lithium battery
  • Automatic dust compensation
  • Large button for testing and muting
  • Automatic self-calibration and self-test
  • Special functions for sleeping rooms (no blinking)
  • Reduced test sound level
  • Additional function as independent indoor siren (e.g. burglary or flood alarm)
  • Dimensions: 115x115x47 mm